Aryah Asla is an American born Pop/R&B artist from Erie, Pennsylvania. As a child, Aryah often found solace in being alone. This tendency, mixed with delving into the arts early on, started them on the path to finding their true self. At age thirteen, the separation of their parents pushed Aryah into further self-exploration through the power of writing and singing.

Aryah’s EP “Crybaby” looks to serve as a guiding light to those who feel they don’t have one. With impassioned lyrics and ethereal melodies, it shows the evolution of a life marked by Misfortunes, vices, and victories. Crybaby has been praised by A&R executives from Universal, Republic, and capitol Records as a “breathe of fresh air”, “a mix of Micheal Jackson and Church” and “what’s been missing”.



The Rehearsal Tapes



Aryah Live at CDF

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